The Less-Stress website

Life can be very stressfull at times, there's no two ways about it. This website takes a look at some of the most common areas of life that people find stressfull. The approach is lighthearted but the site is filled with helpful hints and tips about cutting the stress from your life and how to handle everyday stressfull situations with ease and calmness. You'll also find links to other sites that offer help and advice for dealing with stress.

Stressful Situations

On the left hand side of the page you'll find a list of specific situations or areas of modern day life that many people find stressful. Clicking on the links will show you more information on each specific situation, the causes of the stress involved, some tips on releiving the stress and links to other sites that deal with similar issues.


I hope you enjoy the site and get something from it. If you like it tell your friends about it and if you don't then maybe tell your enemies instead.

Why not try the Calm-Calm-Calm Advanced Calmness Behind the Wheel test (in the driving section) and if you pass you can print off a free certificate.

Here's to a happier, Less-Stress lifestyle!